Q? When is the best time to start looking for my bridal gown?

A.We would suggest 12 -18 months before the wedding date. We recommend ordering your bridal gown 8 months before the wedding date. This allows time for your gown to be made. once your gown arrives in store you will be contacted in order to arrange a convenient fitting appointment.


Q? What happens at the fitting appointment?

A.This is the moment you try on your beautiful bridal gown for the first time. For your fitting you will need your wedding shoes and underwear. If any alterations are required these will then be carried out by our fantastic seamstress. Cost of alterations are to be paid once alterations are complete.


Q? What if my wedding is short notice?

A.No problem. Some of our designers carry stock for immediate delivery. Alternatively we have a beautiful selection of designer gowns you can buy and take away.


Q? What sizes are the dresses?

A.Our gowns range in sizes 8-32. There really is something for everyone.


Q? How much deposit is required?

A.A 50% non returnable part payment is required when ordering your bridal gown. The balance is due when your gown arrives.


Q? What if I plan to lose weight?

A.We can advise you regarding any plans to lose weight once you have selected your bridal gown.

Q? Who should I bring with me?

A.You can bring whoever you wish, however, in our experience too many opinions can be very confusing and stressful. We want you to fully relax and enjoy your bridal gown experience and for this reason we recommend 2 or 3 close relatives/friends whilst choosing a bridal gown.


Q? Why do I need an appointment?

A.We do suggest that you make an appointment so that we can give our undivided attention. If you do walk in without an appointment, we are more than happy to tend to your needs. Please be prepared to wait a while if we are busy with booked appointments.


Q? How long will the appointment last?

A.Please allow 1.5-2 hours.


Q? Can I take photographs?

A.Sorry, we prefer no photography whilst choosing your gown. Once a gown is ordered you are more than welcome to take photographs.


Q? Will you store my dress until the wedding?

A.Yes, we will keep your bridal gown, bridesmaids and accessories free of charge until it’s convenient for you to collect them.

However, if you purchase a sale gown we ask that you take it with you on the day of purchase.


Q? I work all week. Do you open in the evening?

A.We offer appointments by prior arrangement on Tuesday evenings.


Q? I’ve seen a dress much cheaper on the Internet which looks the same. Should I buy from the internet?

A.Many brides are tempted by websites which offer cheap wedding dresses for sale online.​

There are many wholesalers selling to the public using lifted images from designers websites and selling them as their own. It is extremely unlikely that the gown will be anything like the quality of the true designer gown, just a cheap badly made copy. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We have had brides come in as late as 2 weeks before their wedding because the gown they ordered off the Internet had only just arrived and it was awful!!

Please don’t fall for a bargain when it comes to the most important dress you will ever buy.

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